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The Gentlemen (2020)

Quality: Year: Duration: 113 MinView: 105 views
422 votes, average 7.9 out of 10
Cast: Brittany Ashworth, Bruce Chong, Charlie Hunnam, Chidi Ajufo, Chloe Arrowsmith, Christopher Evangelou, Coco Sumner, Colin Farrell, Danny Griffin, Eddie Marsan, Eugenia Kuzmina, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, Jack Jones, James Warren Raynard, Jason Wong, Jeremy Strong, Jordan Long, Lyne Renee, Matthew McConaughey, Max Bennett, Michelle Dockery, Mike Bodnar, Russell Balogh, Simon. R. Barker, Steve Barnett, Togo Igawa
Director: Guy Ritchie
Country: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $ 18.400.000,00
Revenue: $ 48.441.089,00

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