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RRRRGenre: Drama, Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 117 MinView: 112 views
1735 votes, average 8.1 out of 10

Jack is a young boy of 5 years old who has lived all his life in one room. He believes everything within it are the only real things in the world. But what will happen when his Ma suddenly tells him that there are other things outside of Room?

Tagline: Love knows no boundaries
Cast: Amanda Brugel, Brad Wietersen, Brie Larson, Cas Anvar, Chantelle Chung, Derek Herd, Jack Fulton, Jacob Tremblay, Jee-Yun Lee, Joan Allen, Joe Pingue, Justin Mader, Kate Drummond, Matt Gordon, Ola Sturik, Randal Edwards, Rodrigo Fernandez- Stoll, Rory O’Shea, Sandy McMaster, Sean Bridgers, Tom McCamus, Wendy Crewson, William H. Macy, Zarrin Darnell-Martin
Director: Lenny Abrahamson
Country: Canada, Ireland
Language: English
Budget: $ 6.000.000,00
Revenue: $ 35,00

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