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Macbeth (2015)

Quality: Year: Duration: 113 MinView: 38 views
966 votes, average 6.5 out of 10
Cast: Amber Rissmann, Andrew Gourlay, Barrie Martin, Brian Nickels, David Hayman, David Thewlis, Eleanor Stagg, Elizabeth Debicki, Frank Madigan, Gerard Miller, Hilton McRae, Jack Madigan, Jack Reynor, James Harkness, Kayla Fallon, Lochlann Harris, Lynn Kennedy, Marion Cotillard, Matthew Stagg, Maurice Roeves, Michael Fassbender, Paddy Considine, Phil Lonergan, Rebecca Benson, Robert J. Fraser, Ross Anderson, Roy Sampson, Scot Greenan, Scott Dymond, Sean Harris, Seylan Baxter, William Stagg
Director: Justin Kurzel
Country: France, United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $ 15.000.000,00
Revenue: $ 12.601.706,00

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